Our services


While others aspire of placing ads in the remotest parts of the world, Adlink International Ltd is at home with any campaign, big or small. We have brought together everything you could ever need to make your ads work as smoothly and satisfyingly as possible. You will enjoy a new standard of excellence and efficiency in placing your ads whether in the largest circulating newspaper or magazine, to the smallest specialist publication, not only in the western world, but anywhere in the developing world.

For starters, we handle thousands of publications and have gathered a database not only of established publications, but of new and emerging ones too; including newspapers, consumer magazines, trade journals, university publications, in-flight magazines and so on.

The Crown jewels at Adlink International Ltd is the quality of advice, media planning, flexibility and efficiency with which your advertising campaigns can be executed. Our ads are not only run in English but in various other languages. We have various multilingual skills at your disposal.


We develop strategies within the scope of the media that we represent research and recommend the appropriate media in our portfolio, negotiate costs with the publishing houses and draw up plans and schedules for global advertising campaigns. We are able to offer clients, a huge array of outdoor media locations in many countries and territories across the world.

Locations include airport lounges, city centers, main roads, national motorways, train stations, bus depots, and commercial developments among others. Because of our extensive network of field offices and many affiliates, we can reliably and readily place outdoor advertising in the hardest to reach territories and continuously maintain them. Whether it is a billboard placed on the airport motorway in Abidjan, Ivory Coast; or back illuminated billboards in the arrival hall of the International Airport in Valetta, Malta; prominent sites in La Paz Bolivia, Philippines, Morocco, Nairobi, Kenya, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Kampala, Uganda or Johannesburg, South Africa or anywhere in the developing and developed world we can deliver any campaigns.

For more information about us or what we do, or if you have and queries or further inquiries, please contact us.